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 Dr. Stephen Hathaway graduated from Palmer  College of Chiropractic in 1971 and interned with  Dr. Dallas Strochein for 2 years at 108 E.  Indiana, Spokane, Wa.  Dr. Hathaway then  opened his own office in 1973 (Chiropractic  Associates) with Dr. Ron Clements and was  there until 1989.  Dr. Hathaway then moved into  his own office in 1990  (Advanced Health  Chiropractic and Massage) and joined in  partnership with Dr. David Robinson in 2001.

 Dr. Hathaway is committed to quality NON- RUSHED Chiropractic Care.  He integrates  modern chiropractic techniques with old school  Chiropractic techniques.  As Dr. Hathaway is a  Palmer Graduate, he feels compelled to serve  each patient as a special case with  individual corrective needs.  Some patients  require very specific low force techniques, while  others require more direct corrective measures.  Dr. Hathaway feels that most patients need and require some muscle balancing and relaxation techniques prior to spinal correction.  Dr. Hathaway usually suggests nutritional recommendations as well as exercise as part of his treatment plan.

As a family oriented person (4 children, 9 grandchildren) Dr. Hathaway has dedicated his life to serving others through Chiropractic.