It is the best thing I have done since my back went out.  I am very thankful for the visits and the treatments.  I think everyone should visit Dr. Dave and his great staff.

Thank you very much!

Daniel C.

The team that is assembled at Advanced Health truly is one of a kind.  I’ve never had a doctor spend more that 5-10 minutes with me and Dr. Robinson took almost 30 minutes to really make sure I understood my case clearly.

Igor K.

Everyone at Advanced Health is kind and knowledgeable.  The team Dr. Dave has put together is committed to improving the health of all their patients.  I recommend them to anyone looking to improve their health!

Love these guys!

August and Shelly W.

Every time I come, I am so looking forward to my appointment.  I have MS and I need relief on a regular basis.  Dr. Robinson provides that in the 10s! Guaranteed to feel better.

Michelle J.

I would not be walking if it were not for this awesome chiropractor – Dr. Robinson.  They have helped my heal after injuries and most recently helping me walk after a total knee replacement surgery.  Amazing – I will never stop coming here!

Kat M.

Positive and always personal attention.  Usually running ahead of schedule!

Mary T.

Awesome every visit.  Pleasant and professional.  I always feel feel well cared for and important.  Dr. Robinson is the best and is thorough with treatment. I appreciation everyone is this practice.

Keith J.

I have suffered from the painful side effects of TMJ. Over the last nine years TMJ has caused: horrible migraines, inner ear pain, trouble moving or opening my jaw, neck and shoulder muscle pain. With Dr. Robinson’s great knowledge, continuous care and tremendous team I have made leaps and bounds in my quest to becoming pain free. Again!

Thank you Advanced Health Care Chiropractic and Massage!


I was athletic when I was younger. After having 3 children and unforeseen injuries, I was not able to do what I used to: i.e. Play tag with my kids, sit on the floor playing dolls, basketball, softball with my kids, etc. After 3 massages and adjustments, I was able to play on the floor with my daughter, play board games on the floor with my other daughter and finally play ball with my son!

I am grateful to Dr. Dave and his staff to enjoy life again!!


Just wanted to say I always feel so welcomed by the staff and by Dr. Robinson. They are so down to earth and friendly. Dr. Robinson is so knowledgeable and so good at what he does. I have liked all the massage therapist as well. Very professional,they really know what they are doing. I would recommend Advanced Health Chiropractic and Massage to everyone.


Advanced Health Chiropractic and Massage focuses on chiropractic care and recovery. Your Wellness is their number one goal. Friendly staff and wonderful atmosphere is what you will find here. I also recommend a massage! Mine was great!


I’ve had some bad experiences with Chiropractor’s in the past and I was almost ready to give up on finding one until I came here. I am glad I didn’t give up because Dr. Dave Robinson has been very real and kind to me from the start. Their affordable options have made it possible for me to get the care I have needed. Amanda and Andrea in the front are always very sweet. They are awesome at remembering everyone. If it wasn’t for everyone working here I would probably have given up on finding a good Chiropractor.


Woohoo! As good as it gets! In my book Advanced Health Chiropractic & Massage is as good as it gets.
I’ve been going to Chiropractors since the age of 16 (farm work). Three years ago I was referred to Dr. Dave Robinson at Advanced Health by my family doctor. The Chiropractor I had seen in the past had retired. And of course I kept putting off finding a new one, to the point of walking like Igor in “The Frankenstein Movie”.
Let me tell you what a great find this was!  Great Staff, for one, Amanda the lady behind the desk, and the Office Dog.  Any of the other Chiropractors I had seen in the past, didn’t offer what Advanced Health offered,……well I guess it’s like a “Full Service Station” of the past. After Dr. Dave worked me over and got me walking “upright” again. He offered an exercise workshop, of which I took and set me up for Deep Muscle Massages, besides Dr. Dave, the Massages are the best thing going, kind of like recharging your batteries.  This review probably sounds a little corny, but the point is, Advanced Health sure made a difference in my life.