XRAYS help the chiropractor find and treat spinal problems early in their development, which can potentially save you money, unnecessary discomfort, and maybe even your life.
Are XRAYS needed? The answer is YES. They are sometimes necessary because without them small unidentified problems can become bigger and more difficult to treat.

XRAYS can help identify:
• Arthritis
• Spinal Disk Problems
• Thinning of bones (osteoporosis)
• Abnormal Curve of the spine
• Infection
• Disk Degeneration
• Spondylolisthesis
• Bone Decay

Our clinic utilizes digital radiology technology, as opposed to traditional film XRAYS. We are one of the only chiropractic clinics in Spokane with up to date technology located on site.

This technology benefits you as the patient in a number of ways – the first being that your time is valuable and with digital imagery we are able to take a full set of spinal XRAYS in minutes, and know immediately if there are any flaws with the image. Our technology is set up so that your images may be viewed in any of our 6 chiropractic treatment rooms. This benefits both patient and doctor when questions arise during treatment and a review of your spinal XRAYS is available immediately.

At Advanced Health Chiropractic and Massage we utilize Posture Ray technology, which quickly reads your digital image and shows us what your imagery looks like compared to a normal spinal curves.

Plus with digital technology, your images are directly emailed to you. Or take them home with you on a disk to keep for your records, or to show your doctor or specialist.

The American Chiropractic Association recommends keeping updated spinal XRAYS every 2-3 years with no symptoms or pain; and 12-18 months if pain present. Dentists take x-rays every year of your teeth and we use our spines just as much. Keeping updated digital XRAYS helps to keep your baseline in case of any injuries in the future and to check your development as you grow older, especially in children to ensure they are not developing abnormally.

Abnormal Curves

Good Curves